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20 May 2010

Littering... WHAT YOU DO COUNTS.

"Why it happen here? "

Do you have any idea what its all about ? Yes.. they were asking me about littering issue- bottles, diapers , cigarette, polystyrene , plastic bag and even tampons along the river bank !

I do realized this matter and parking / entry fee is being practice. Actually I'm myself got confused with the fee. Is it entry fee or parking fee ? In my opinion entry fee meaning that they are maintaining the compound (Sungai Sedim). Hence parking fee , it all about gaining profit ! I strongly believed, when they 're charging visitors some fee, garbage problem should be taken seriously by them including along the river the
I wish you all could spend an hour to overcome this issue as well. Together we collect all the unwanted materials along the river bank..... Or...could you come here and do some community service such as clearing the compound and promoting visitors about environmental awareness?". Maybe an event or campaign here or what so ever activity regarding littering problem.

In addition, as individual I hope you will practice a good habit of taking home all your leftovers and everything that can pollute Sungai Sedim including sweet/ candy wrapper.


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