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30 January 2011

Guide for Gunung Bintang

If you looking for a guider for hiking Gunung Bintang , you absolutely on right site. Guider/s for Gunung Bintang are people of Kampung Sedim. I mean local people. No outsiders for this mountain.

Rate : RM540 / event
duration : normal 3days 2 nite , fast 2D1N
no.of pax : no minimum pax as long as u affordable to pay for their services
Ratio Guider to hikers : 1 guider for 10 hikers (1:10) applied in malaysia
Permit : RM10/pax ( will be settled by me)
Permits are compulsory and issued by Forestry. Only early application for permit will be entertained by Forestry. If you think you kinda late to submit the application, let me know.


27 January 2011

Explore Hidden waterfall

For you information, there are few waterfalls in sedim forest( reserved forest). For those love to visit waterfall, you can come and I'll bring you up there.

  1. daypack or 2D1N ( camping at the waterfall)
  2. RM50/pax
  3. Minimum 4 person
  4. 2 hours trekking to the waterfall

13 January 2011

Panorama : Gunung Bintang

If you wish to hike Gunung Mountain , kindly get a guider and permit issued by Forestry and log a police report before and after an event. I can arrange guider/s for you . Please do not hesitate to contact me - adam 0173727965 @ .
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