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28 July 2010

My international Tourists

they used hand to eat, quick learners

Congratulation to Andy, Jolie, Charrise and Mike.Thanks to skippers: Megat , Sham , Pak Non and many more.Adhere some of our great time photos at Sungai Sedim.

Mike can't wait to raft

she was awesome & cool

we were at the highest point 0n TREE TOP WALK

I had enough , reached my limit but they still want to go for Tubing.

I wish to have a great time with you guys again.Gotta say you guys so cool. Really hope to see you here again.

15 July 2010

Surviving Mode

New activity is coming,

Jungle survival ; know how to survive in the jungle - we teach how to find food and drink, how to cook using things around you, where to stay, how to ignite fire , Do's and don't !

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