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22 September 2010

campaign : Take Home Garbage

Sungai Sedim is facing major problem with irresponsible visitors. They polluted our beloved sungai. Please take home all your wood charcoal, cigarette's filter (puting rokok) , plastic bags, papers , food container including Tupperware and polystyrene , baby pampers , shirts, underwear , sandals , junk food , leftover food, grill, and so on.

Please bring along garbage bag whenever you come here. What you do counts. When somebody has started this practice , the rest will follow. It's just a matter of time.

03 September 2010

The Natural wipe out

FYI, at the very first , I created this blog to provide an info about this lovely place. Sungai Sedim was my playground when I was a kid. I used to swim and drown in this river. I seen a lot changes has been made . This place is losing it's natural beauty day after day. I believe Sungai Sedim no needs build up any permanent structure as it will damage the landscape and looks so terrible and unnatural. You should see Sungai Sedim was and now.

Guys , do you agree with me?

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