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23 August 2010

BBQ and Picnic for local cuisine

You wish to come here and having a picnic / BBQ ? Congratulation.. you have chosen the right place. Sungai Sedim has lot of spots for BBQ and picnic with your lovely one or family or friends.
You're too lazy to prepare everthing? It's okay , now sungai sedim will prepare everything for you.

adhere the details
RM30 /pax including

  1. Marinated lamb/ chicken / beef / sausage /seafood ( upon request)
  2. wood charcoal
  3. BBQ set
  4. Drinks
  5. Nasi / rice
  6. dishes
for extra, you can request for " masakan kampung " ( local cuisine) for your meals such as

ulam ulaman ( vegetables) , petai , jering, genuak (kerdas) , pucuk paku ,pucuk gajus, ulam raja , ikan keli , ikan haruan, talapia , baung, tengas, sebarau , ikan pekasam , gulai nangka , kerabu , rebung , sambal belacan and many more

for drinks..emmmm air sirap for the best choice ! air Ketum ?

15 August 2010

TEAM BUILDING best ever spot

To get a quotation for teambuilding kindly email me :- 0136061652  . 
If you request by posting a comment we might not alert as good as email

Sungai Sedim is such a good place for team building . Ample space for camping, parking, gathering, roll call, others activities. Adhere Team Building package specially created with

  • camping
  • LDK / classroom session
  • water confident and rescue
  • White water rafting
  • White water tubing
  • Jungle trekking
  • Night Walk
  • X-plore race
  • Blind Trail
  • Nature education
  • BBQ
  • Tree top walk - Longest in the world
Team building can be arranged for 2D1N . As we go for short period, the price will reduce to RM130/pax.On top of that, the activities will be less than 3D2N. In addition you can do ice breaking, motivational talk, discussion , classroom session, BBQ, jungle survival and many more
3D2N RM185/PAX
2D1N RM130/PAX
we provide you tent, cabine, kitchen, PA system, electricity , white board, life jacket, helmet, BBQ set, surau, gazebo, wide camping space,car park, tube, kayak, raft and many more.
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