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13 February 2012

White Water Rafting . Extreme Vs Full

two type of raft

  1. max 5 pax ( 4 pax is better)
  2. max 6 pax

therefore I would like to recommend you guys to come here in 4 pax , 8 pax , 12 pax ….

White Water Rafting Full

  • Duration::::::::::: 2.5hours
  • fee::::::::::::::::::: RM180 / pax
  • including:::::::::: life jackets , helmets , skippers , certificates
  • Minimum::::::::: 4 pax
    maximum:::::: 90 pax / day

White water rafting extreme

  • Duration::::::::::: 6 hours
  • fee:::::::::::::::::: RM280 /pax
  • including::::::::: life jackets , helmets , lunch , skippers , certificates
  • Minimum::::::::: 12 pax
    maximum:::::: 30 pax / day

I would like to suggest do not walk-in . Rafting should be booked to ensure the rafting slot available on the day. kindly contact my mobile to book.

Adam – 0136061652.


  1. hello..why u not suggest us to walk in? we have try walk in to whitewater and met the owner. he is very helpful and nice. we got nice price either.

    1. because we're afraid nobody there to entertain you.
      u met the owner (boss) because he was there.
      nobody stay at the campsite 24/7.
      by booking , we can allocate staff and arrange their timetable.
      by walk-in , nothing we can do if it's a busy day for rafting.

  2. as salam..saya berminat dengan water rafting extreme..tapi masalahnya cuma saya berdua dengan kawan macam mana ek?..bayaran plak macam mana?..dan saya berminat untuk 3 april 2012 nie..boleh ka?..tq

  3. follow status saya dalam facebook . kalau ada team yang nak main extreme. saya akan maklumkan di wall .

  4. 3 june 2012 ada team nak rafting.. mai la join sesama team ni .


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