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06 March 2010

I hate this....


Why why why..
D*%@#... You suck and selfish. You came and dumped everything here. Such an idiot !
It's better to close Sungai Sedim for visitors for the mother earth's good sake !
The pictures above show only 2 spots ... the fact is, it's so embarrassing me that there are rubbish along the river even in the water!

Please...i beg u guys.. please please please take home all your waste , leftover, rubbish ( papers, plastic bags , bottle) including pampers !

pampers/diapers ????? what a mother is she ?

Guys, I need your comment regarding this issue. Do you have any idea to keep Sungai Sedim clean?


  1. *ehh, what are we paid for? rm3? rm1? you take our money, and you enjoy it. why didn't you paid someone to clean the surrounding? you have alot of money of ours. hey, a day would be an income of around rm500+ lahh

  2. yeap..u r absolutely correct. I'm pissed with the parking ticket system. i can't see any improvement regarding this matter.. i hope someday someone will sue them..

    p/s : i ve no relationship with the parking.. i even hate this matter .. the just concern about RM..

  3. What you can consider is to remind visitors to keep the place clean when they enter Sungai Sedim. In addition to that you can put up some additional sign boards and rubbish bins at strategic places. Just a humble opinion of mine.

  4. thanks andy.. i found lack of signboard and rubbish bin there.


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